The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu

The Three-Body Problem

Cixin Liu

Nanotechnology, virtual reality, string theory and astrophysics: enough to delight the hard SF fans! The rest of us will shiver to see humans helping aliens invade the Earth. Be warned: the opening has scenes of disturbing violence during the Cultural Revolution in China.

He lifted his head and saw a sky glowing with a faint red light. Just like that, he was seeing the cosmic microwave background.
The red light had come from more than ten billion years ago. It was the remnants of the big bang, the still warm embers of Creation. He could not see any stars. Normally, since visible light would be compressed to invisible by the glasses, each star should appear as a black dot. But the diffraction of centimeter-wave radiation overwhelmed all other shapes and details.
Once his eyes had grown used to the sight, Wang could see that the faint red background was indeed pulsing. The entire sky flickered, as if the universe was but a quivering lamp in the wind.
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