Out of the Rabbit Hutch by Nanette L Avery

Out of the Rabbit Hutch

Nanette L Avery

A novel involving war, genocide, madness, drug addiction, arson and all sorts of criminality. Set mainly, I think, in North America shortly after the Civil War with connecting plots and characters to the genocide of the natives of Tasmania around the same period. Atmospheric and moving. Concentration is needed for this difficult but very worthwhile read.


As for the outcome of their design, the casualties of war were too numerous to burden one's self with individuals. Useless as trying to segregate each grain of sand from an hourglass, Dennet and Lucas could not be burdened with sentimentality. There had been no immunity for any man, woman, or child. Some fared better than others. However, the majority were maimed in some way or another; physically, psychologically, financially, morally.

  • News of the World by Paulette Jiles
  • The Child of an Ancient People by Anouar Benmalek

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