The Easy Way Out by Steven Amsterdam

The Easy Way Out

Steven Amsterdam

In this unflinching examination of the moral dilemmas involved in assisted suicide, the difficulty of emotional detachment for the witness is poignantly portrayed, whilst the grim intimate details of this emotive subject are offset by the wry laconic narrative voice and engaging dialogue. I found this to be a moving and surprisingly enjoyable read and would definitely recommend it.


Nursing. For the practical, it represents a steady income. For congenital short-termers, it represents an endless source of possibility. One gig after another, each one a new promise. No matter the initial lure of a new job, once any probationary period ends, management can be relied on - much like other staff and the occasional patient – to show their true ugliness ...
No complaints from me. Each move has allowed me to witness the full shit-covered mess, from maternity to palliative, each job preparing me for my current one. The takeaway – from watching not just a thousand patients, but flatmates, and employers and shags and, of course, Viv – is that we are not here to linger.

  • Let Go My Hand by Edward Docx
  • Amsterdam by Ian McEwan

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