Freshers by Kevin Sampson


Kevin Sampson

If you've done teenage angst this one may reopen old wounds. If you haven't then prepare to experience second hand pain, albeit liberally laced with the laughs, that come from close observation of self-obsessed pomposity. You might feel some irritation with the protagonists on occasion but prepare for a slyly delivered lightning bolt towards the end.

To my sudden horror, I realise it's Adie sitting in the park. The weekend was bad enough as it is, without having to start a new week with Adie's shite. The weekend was a horror that's been waiting to happen. It happened on Saturday night at the Datsun's gig. It happened before that really, when Si announced that he was off home to spend the weekend with his girl friend. That crushed me. Not so much the idea that he'd had a girlfriend all along but, I don't know - I was knocked sideways a bit by the idea that someone had so much free will and so much choice. I don't even have a girlfriend. But I know that if I go home for just one day, never mind a weekend, I will never come back. It's that simple.
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