Hold by Michael Donkor


Michael Donkor

With shifts in narrative between England and Ghana, a fresh depiction of immigrant experience is found in this novel, from the perspective of two adolescent girls. Though their upbringing is very different, they develop a kinship in their search for a place in the world, when sexual and cultural identities are in confusion. It's a fascinating glimpse into the diverse British communities such as this West African one in Brixton.


Do you miss your own bed? I bet you miss your own bed. Even if it sounds babyish and you're all worldly and shit. I probably would. Like my creature comforts, I do.'
'I sleep very well. Thank you.' Belinda smiled at her slippers.
Is nothing. Nothing. This. This is much more restful here than I ever had in Daban. You people do nothing. Basically I am doing the same. Strange then I am become old and exhausted looking. Nice of you to compliment.'
'What a fucking Sensitive Sausage! That'll learn me to be sympathetic.'
Before Belinda could tell her in that sentence the better English was in fact 'teach' and not 'learn', Amma had the light pull and darkness came in a blink.

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