Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

Lincoln in the Bardo

George Saunders

Prepare for unique and profoundly challenging experiences as you venture into the Bardo with Abraham Lincoln's dead son. Narrated by denizens of the after life who cannot accept their death and move on, an epic struggle for the boy's soul takes place, interspersed with comments from the Lincoln's living acquaintances. I've never read anything like it: at times comic at others gruesome it will leave you pondering on what may await us all.

I called to mind Fred Downs, raging in frustration as those drunk Anatomy students tossed his bagged sick-form on to their cart, horses rearing with alarm at the smell.

roger bevins iii

I pictured the wolf-rendered torso of Mrs. Scoville, tilted against her doorframe, one arm torn away, little veil fluttering in what remained of her white hair.
Imagined the wolves massing in the woods even now, sniffing the breeze -
Making for the white sick home.
Snarling, drooling.
Bursting in.

hans vollman
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