Let Go My Hand by Edward Docx

Let Go My Hand

Edward Docx

Louis and his dying father take a last holiday. Is that all there is to the trip? We soon discover more. There's a vast moral dilemma, but don't expect sentiment. A savage, sometimes funny family is revealed as Louis brothers' join them. Though fathers and sons are at it's heart don't be put off if you're female, women are essential to the story. What do they do at their final destination? In their place I don't know what decision I'd make.


Dad looks from one to the other of us and then says, 'You think because I'm your father I know what to do.'
Jack shakes his head.
Ralph asks, 'What's going on, Dad?'
Dad ignores them. He's past listening. 'You do. You think I know what I'm doing. Maybe not in here.' Dad fingers his temples. 'But in your hearts. Inside yourselves.' He makes a spider with his hand and presses it to his heart. 'You believe I have a plan. That I have calibrated intentions.' He pauses. 'We're always children and it takes us a lifetime to get over the fact that our parents don't know what the hell they're doing.'

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