A Portable Shelter by Kirsty Logan

A Portable Shelter

Kirsty Logan

Once upon a time, two mothers told family stories to their unborn child. But life isn't as neat as a story or is it? These gentle tales ask what love is and what makes us who we are. They smell of peat and seawater and have more than a touch of enchantment.

You know something, my Coorie? I'm promising you much with these stories. Every story ever told is a promise: stick with me and I'll tell you some truths. Clear directions, relatable characters: a breadcrumb trail, each part linking from the one before to the one after. And I want life to be like that for you. I want your life to be like that for you. I want your life to make sense. If I had three wishes, I'd wish them all on that.
But life is not a fairy tale. It's brighter and darker, longer and briefer, duller and more magical. It's full of contradictions, but one thing it's not is neat.
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