Travel Arrangements by M John Harrison

Travel Arrangements

M John Harrison

Reading these stories is often like 'trying to catch some tune underneath the music'. They are stories to think about and re-read. But don't expect a straightforward SciFi narrative like those you find in Asimov or Harry Harrison stories.


When a train arrives the air is filled for a few minutes with shouts, laughter, people calling to one another in the crush and the concourse sounds like a zoo or asylum. As if to soothe the inmates the concourse musak will suddenly play a schmalzy, faraway version of 'Rhapsody in Blue'. To this the woman in 236 listens only briefly, tilting her head at an intent angle as though she is trying to catch some tune underneath the music, before she shrugs and turns away from the music.

  • The Best Short Stories of J G Ballard by J G Ballard
  • Unconquered Countries by Geoff Ryman
  • Identifing the Object by Gwyneth Jones

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