The Lammas Hireling by Ian Duhig

The Lammas Hireling

Ian Duhig

This is rich and unexpected poetry - it will intrigue and delight on every page, whether you're a poetry newcomer or an old hand. Duhig is as happy with humour and advertising slogans as he is with myths and ancient curses. Some of the poems take a while to get to grips with but there is a freshness, vitality and assuredness in Duhig's tone that carries you through every time. The range is extraordinary ... enjoy.


Googling, I find on the Duhig genealogical sites
There graze only immaculately white sheep,
So we get daguerreotypes of the dashing Union captain-
Not the private colour-bearer for the Confederates:
Sir James, the longest-serving Archbishop of Brisbane,
Not Cornelius transported on the First Convict Fleet;
Neither Indian Mutiny Medallists nor East End Pat,
Mosely's man, who brought the dockers out for Enoch.

from Meet the Duhigs

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