Distant Light by Antonio Moresco

Distant Light

Antonio Moresco

A strange and unsettling story - with the feel of a fable. Are the abandoned village and the surrounding hills and gorges real or is this some landscape of the mind, the subconscious? Who is the narrator - and what is his relationship to the solitary child in the house across the valley? Lots of questions. This magical tale invites you to meditate on them - and, in turn, think about the meaning of life - and your own existence in the world.

I remain for some time sitting here. The light fades little by little, this whole planet world grows darker and darker before my eyes. The cries of the night animals start to rise up from every corner, invisible in the black foliage.
No sign of human life.
Only that, as the darkness grows even thicker and the first stars come out, on the other side of this steep narrow gorge, on a flatter part of the facing ridge, hollowed into the woodland like a saddle, each night, every night, always at the same hour, a little light suddenly appears.
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