Dalila by Jason Donald


Jason Donald

Dalila, a young Kenyan woman arrives at Heathrow intending to remain in Britain as an illegal immigrant on a tourist visa. Her plan works and eventually she arrives in Glasgow where Dalila develops from a terrified law breaker to a useful member of the immigrant community. Great Glasgow atmosphere with terrifying details of the operation of the asylum system. A brilliant novel - but have your tissues handy.

You are hear, she whispers to herself. You have made it. You are in England.
Unbelievable, improbable words. That she, Dalila Mwathi could be on the other side of the world. Her father had always said England was the Father of the World. Now, here she is. With her heart, she reaches out, trying to feel the Englishness around her, but there is only the warm duvet and the hum of voices in the other room. For now, it is enough.
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