Saturday's Child by Ray Banks

Saturday's Child

Ray Banks

An extremely violent story both in the action and in the language used to describe it. The hero, Cal, engages the readers's sympathies as he struggles against the forces of evil. Beware, natives of Salford, Manchester, Newcastle and Leith may be offended by the author's descriptions of their fellow citizens!

If you like plenty of action you will certainly find it here. The writing is direct, precise and pacey.

I feel hands under me again, feel the sky get that little bit closer before my head falls to my chest. The world starts spinning and I have to blink to keep myself from throwing up again. I'm upright, looking down now. I notice my shoe laces are untied. Wondering how the fuck that happened. My ankle turns, a stabbing pain at the top of my foot. Then I drop face forward into a ditch by the side of the road. The mud is cool against my face. If I close my eyes, I can pretend it's my bed.

Footsteps disappearing, the sound of the engine.

They're not going to kill me, but they have left me for dead.

Small mercies.
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