House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski

House of Leaves

Mark Z Danielewski

The oddest book I have ever read. It is a mixture of different fonts, footnotes, blank pages and even some Braille. It's a book about a book about a film shot in a haunted house. It's simultaneously about the house, about a man who made notes about the film shot in the house, and about a second man who finds the first man's notes after his death! If you are ready for an enormous challenge try this!


Navidson swiftly turns around. Much to his horror, he can no longer see the arch let alone the wall. He has walked beyond the range of his light. In fact, no matter where he points the flashlight, the only thing he can perceive is oily darkness. Even worse, his panicked turn and the subsequent absence of any landmarks has made it impossible for him to remember which direction he came from.
'Oh god' he blurts, creating odd repeats in the distance.

  • Blair Witch Project -the film
  • Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace
  • Poltergeist -the film

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