Sheepshagger by Niall Griffiths


Niall Griffiths

Not for the squeamish: at one point I felt physically sick. Ianto loses his ancestral home to 'Tourists' and vows to have his revenge on all who dare to invade his Welsh homeland. Expect violent, expletive-filled scenes but underlying sympathy for the main characters and their situation.

And Ianto reaches out as if in obeisance to some terrible prescript the boy's legs jerk forwards into Ianto's grasp and he yanks and the boy slips back on to the rocks, the air thumped out of his lungs with a yelp. Ianto straddles his kicking legs and raises the rock and as the boy opens his mouth to shout Ianto slams it into that widening hole, feeling teeth crunch and give and come away and the sound of enamel against granite grating in his sleepless sore ears.

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