Now She is Witch by  Kirsty Logan

Now She is Witch

Kirsty Logan

This is a deeply atmospheric tale set in an imaginary world but with a medieval feel, where women are powerless and persecuted as witches. It follows the journey of two women trying to take control of their own lives: Lux, who survives through selling potions and poisons, and Else, a mysterious stranger seeking revenge on a man who has wronged her. Dark and often disturbing, it does however have some moments of hope and beauty.


what we do isnt the same as what those witches do -
we sell our poppets & our poisons & we promise curses but its different -
because most of it is use less & a fancy show and no thing else
we live in a house barely bigger than our out stretched arms & we are all ways hungry how could a curse from our mouths do anything -
the only power is in the plants & poisons because their power comes from god & not from us -
but the north witches can make things happen with only them selves -
they are neither one thing nor the other making them unnatural dangerous -
which is why my mother says I am to stay well clear -

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  • The Last Witch of Scotland by Philip Paris
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