Circe by Madeline Miller


Madeline Miller

Not only is this book a captivating story of Circe, daughter of Helios the sun god, but it is a reminder of all the Greek myths of our school days. During her banishment to an island, Sorceress Circe practises her witchcraft and encounters many heroes of mythology and lives for a while with Odysseus. A brilliant retelling of some wonderful stories. I loved this book!

I did not call dragons, or summon serpents. My earliest charms were silly things, whatever came into my head. I started with an acorn, for I had some thought that if the object were green and growing, nourished by water, my naiad blood might give me some help. For days, months, I rubbed that acorn with oils and salves, speaking words over it to make it sprout ... but through it all the acorn kept its seed smugly within .... One day I told myself that I would rather have no powers than try that spell again. What did I want with an oak seedling anyway? The island was full of them. What I really wanted was a wild strawberry, to slip sweetly down my irritable throat, and so I told that brown hull. It changed so fast my thumb sank into its soft, red body. I stared, and then I whooped with triumph, startling the birds outside from their trees. I brought a withered flower back to life. I banished flies from my house. I made the cherries blossom out of season, and turned the fire vivid green.
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