Then She Was Born by Cristiano Gentili

Then She Was Born

Cristiano Gentili

This is a harrowing story of a little African girl called Adimu who is born with albinism. Adimu is treated in the most appalling way and I was deeply saddened by the endless suffering she has to endure at the hands of her community. I found the strength of hatred towards this innocent girl challenging to read, while also compelled to carry on in the hope that good things would happen in the end.

Nothing could have convinced Adimu more than the promise of meeting another girl. A best friend, Adimu told herself. More than the anguish of marriage, the promise to Nkamba, or the desire to escape from her prison, she was driven by her desire to not be alone, to be with others just like her. She would no longer be an exception. She could look into the eyes of children who shared her same plight.
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