The Hanging Shed by Gordon Ferris

The Hanging Shed

Gordon Ferris

In a fast paced, violent and bloody thriller ex-policeman Douglas Brodie attempts to save an old school friend from the gallows. His investigation uncovers horrific crimes and cover-ups and, as the story races to an explosive climax, he is forced to confront demons from his wartime experiences. A gripping page turner, not for the squeamish or faint hearted, but mitigated by evocative descriptions of Scottish scenery and a blossoming romance!


Fiona's son Rory had been discovered in a coal cellar at the back of some tenements. He was naked and dead. He'd been raped, God help him. The following morning Hugh Donovan had been arrested in his single-end in the Gorbals. There was hard evidence all over the house that Hugh had killed the boy, including the boy's clothing. And here was Donovan telling me he didn't do it.

  • The Blackhouse by Peter May
  • The Complaints by Ian Rankin

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