Underground: Tales for London by Various authors

Underground: Tales for London

Various authors

A celebration of London, with the inspirations of guest authors bouncing off each other to shimmer glittering, shadowy refractions of the city into your soul - all the way from Murakami-style fractured realities via Dickensian ghosts to an author's memoir of quirky, everyday frustrations. You'll gobble up these gems just like trainloads of commuters and tourists being swallowed by tube tunnels.

In my rush, somehow, I'd led us to the eastbound platform. I looked at Lowri, stricken, and stood up: passengers were shuffling on already, and of course staring at us: two sweaty parents, two screaming children, blood and tears and improvised bandages, all heading the wrong direction on the Central line. I emitted an urgent, frustrated sound and bulldozed through the mass of people crushing onto the tube, behaviour that might have provoked backlash in other circumstances.
  • If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things by Jon McGregor
  • Mother London by Michael Moorcock
  • Capital by John Lanchester