To Leave with the Reindeer by Olivia Rosenthal

To Leave with the Reindeer

Olivia Rosenthal

The narrator of this fascinating novel, who always refers to herself as you, recounts how her journey to independent self discovery continued into middle-age. This is not at all an easy read as her story, which focuses to a large extent on human/animal relationships, is interspersed with accounts by animal experts: from conservationists to abattoir workers. Very thought-provoking stuff which is recommended for those who like a challenge.

You realise that the stubborness with which you continue to hope for a pet is viewed by those around as an absurd caprice or, worse, as a kind of disloyalty. You decide to accept, once and for all, that you are disloyal. You would like to betray, only you don't know how to go about it.
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