69 Things to Do with a Dead Princess by Stewart Home

69 Things to Do with a Dead Princess

Stewart Home

Fascinating in a weird surreal way. Feels as if there is a joke in there somewhere but needs revisiting to find it! Loads of explicit sex but doesn't feel voyeuristic. Definitely different - give it a go if you want to experience a new dimension by proxy.

Then drawing up her own dress in a bid to attract Alan's attention, she knelt before me and plunged her face between my wide-spread thighs .... After this orgy of lust we descended Top o' North in a buzz of conversation, which flitted from movies to records and books. I don't remember everything that was said but at one point Alan was gushing in praise of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind: an Unauthorized Autobiography by Chuck Bouris.
  • American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis
  • The Man who Walks by Alan Warner
  • Super-Cannes by J G Ballard
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Explicit sexual content