The Art of the Body by Alex Allison

The Art of the Body

Alex Allison

Narrated with a dispassionate, unsentimental approach to the subject, this is an uncompromisingly candid portrayal of a young man with cerebral palsy and the impact on his carer's role. It is an uncomfortable read at times, as well as a challenge to the common perception of disabled people as being defined by their disability.


Based on my Googling, Sean should be brain damaged. He should have learning disabilities and require strong prescription glasses. He should have no conception of post-structuralism or Roland Barthes ...
I can clearly imagine a future for myself as Sean's biographer, telling the story behind the art, following his long and accomplished career ... I'll write about the dangerous narratives that permeate through our culture, pinning the blame for a child's disabilities exclusively on mothers - I'll note how fathers are never part of that particular conversation.

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