An Empty Room by Talitha Stevenson

An Empty Room

Talitha Stevenson

I loved this. I enjoyed trying to understand Emily's attraction to the sexy but potentially malevolent Tom, and his calmer, almost perfect but married cousin Simon. Two love affairs - neither going how Emily or I want them to...

Sometimes, when I was on my own, when I was waiting or when Simon slept far away beside me, then love was smaller than I was. It was an object in my hand. The emptiness of that room failed to hold my imagination and I knew things would have to change soon. Of course they would. The house would be finished, full of Andrea's furniture. Rachel would come back from her play. And I would have to see Tom again.

The impossibility of hiding away from Tom much longer hung over me. I did not answer his calls. The thought of his face terrified me - as if he had become the image of my conscience. I had not realised guilt would have such a bad taste.

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