The School for Good Mothers by  Jessamine Chan

The School for Good Mothers

Jessamine Chan

This is a raw and provocative read set in a near future where the state punishes mothers deemed to be unsuitable. To win their children back, mothers must be retrained in a harsh and dehumanising institution. Both emotional and disturbing, the thrilling and involving plot is set against the prejudices of society and the pressures of parenting. Parents, you may lose sleep over this book.


The judge said it was her choice.

In order to get Harriet back, Frida must learn to be a better mother. She must demonstrate her capacity for genuine maternal feeling and attachment, hone her maternal instincts, show she can be trusted. Next November, the state will decide if she's made sufficient progress. If she hasn't, her parental rights will be terminated.

'You'll need to pass our tests,' the judge said.

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