Love in Colour by Bolu Babalola

Love in Colour

Bolu Babalola

What a treat this book is - firecrackers of girl power across the ages! Inventive reworkings of myths from around the world, suffused with the power of female wisdom, along with a handful of the author’s own. Together with her notes on the origins and her inspirations, the hallmark is Babalola’s personal inheritance of indominatable love. Great bedtime stuff but your light won’t go out till you’ve finished that last tale!


So, when her father's court and advisors ignored Siya's qualifications, aptitude and passion for protecting her people to coronate her uncle, Dyabe Cisse, Siya knew to stay silent and act strategically. Her father's younger brother was a jealous, lazy and power-hungry cad, who, when appointed to his position, proclaimed a motion to form a coalition with Bida. Siya's suspicions were confirmed; Dyabe had betrayed her father. She didn't riot as her uncle wanted her to. He'd have her sectioned and say she was mad with grief. Siya didn't allow herself to be bound by the rules of nature, so there was no reason why she should be suppressed by the rules of a man. Instead, she immediately, diligently, secretly organised a renegade regiment. Through underground messages sent through trusted allies, she called on all who believed in her father's mission to help her save Wagadou. She would not let his death be in vain; she would stop their great nation from bowing to the Serpent that was Bida.

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