A Man by Keiichiro Hirano

A Man

Keiichiro Hirano

This is a story of the sins of the fathers being visited upon the sons, or, in this case, a particular son, Hiro. It is the story of how he tries to rebuild his life after his father has committed murder. It's also the story of Akira Kido, a Korean-descended divorce lawyer, who acts as a private detective to find out what had been going on. A tale that will take you on a quest for identity into the dark heart of modern Japan.

Kyoichi wasn't alone in seeing Hara as a threat to society. Countless others had done the same. In fact, no-one had fretted more over the risk that Hara might have posed than Hara himself. Even though the child is their own person and no-one is obliged to rectify the deeds of their parents, he took it upon himself to balance out the asymmetry between the family of the victims who went on grieving and the family of the perpetrators who did not. That is, he lived in constant danger of being crushed between the past and the future, between his need to suffer for his father's sins and his terror of recapitulating them.
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