Drifting House by Krys Lee

Drifting House

Krys Lee

A wonderful, lyrical set of short stories that will set your mind on fire with their passion, their strangeness and yet, despite all the differences in culture, their very familiarity because of their humanity, and because they describe the kind of predicament that we all know only too well in our own lives.


The day of their second kiss, it was August, the streets shimmered with heat, and being outside was a punishment. Chanhee's house had a cool underground feeling, less like Los Angeles and more a long-lost world from the other side of the ocean. Her mother had brought that world with her in carved masks, silk scrolls of horned demons and men with titanic bellies, and celdaon vases with tiny painted cranes, which made Mark want to get his markers and fill the vast white spaces that the artist had neglected. The incense snaking through the hall was familiar, as was the smell of Chanhee's shampoo and the tinning of drums and wailing songs he'd gotten used to, now even enjoyed.

  • Wasted in Love by Allan Wilson
  • The Last Book You Read by Ewan Morrison
  • The Year of Open Doors by Alan Bissett et al

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