The Silence of the White City by Eva Garcia Saenz

The Silence of the White City

Eva Garcia Saenz

Tasio is in jail serving a sentence for a number of ritualistic murders committed twenty years ago but just as he is about to be released, the murders begin again. Inspector Ayala must decide whether these are copycat murders, if Tasio is controlling an assassin from within jail, or whether Tasio is an innocent man. This is a complex and compellingly intelligent crime novel. I was hooked all the way.


I was about to shut my e-mail when I saw a new, unopened message that made my blood freeze: sent by Fromjail.

I know I have specific orders from my superior not to open any new messages. I know it's incredibly risky. I know...

I opened it. The message was short but it left me frozen in my seat, stunned.

Kraken: Together you and I could form a team to hunt down the murderer. Come and visit me today. This is urgent, and you know it. He's going to continue.

With all due respects for your investigative methods.


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