The Welsh Girl by Peter Ho Davies

The Welsh Girl

Peter Ho Davies

A story of three very different people who have their lives turned upside down by the Second World War. It explores the prejudices and human frailties that drive people and families apart when a common goal should be drawing them together to form a united front. Who should be reviled the most: refugees, British soldiers, Germans or prisoners of war? A brilliant portrayal of the weakness, strength and bravery of men, women and children when put to the test.


'… I told them about Rhys, about him maybe being a prisoner.' He looked down at his feet, twisting in the dirt of the lane, and then up at Karsten. 'What you said.'

'And they didn’t believe you?'

'No, they did. They believed it.' He glared at Karsten. 'I didn’t say you’d told me.'

'But why did they hit you?'

And Jim said fiercely, 'I started it. “A prisoner?” they said. “ Doesn’t that mean he surrendered?” They said being captured meant he was a coward. So I fought them.' He raised his small bruised fists, and for a second, before waving them aside, Karsten felt a thrill of pride in the boy.

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