A Good Country by Laleh Khadivi

A Good Country

Laleh Khadivi

Rez, son of Iranian immigrants and conscientious student thinks of himself as American and America is 'a good country'. Following a beating from his father over one poor grade Rez decides to take a more relaxed attitude towards his studies and soon becomes addicted to drugs, sex and surfing. As anti Muslim feeling grows Rex has to depend more on his only male Muslim friend. Great, but violent student atmosphere. Be prepared for a shock ending.

The apostles shouted all the way home. High and angry, they were a single voice bellowing through the truck. My brother knows a guy from Huntington, a senior, skinhead ... he would fuck them up for sure. Laughton knows how to get a crew together, football guys, they did it once when one of the Asian gangs gave them shit at South Coast, and on and on with dude and bro and fuck 'em and wetbacks until Rez's ears were full and his heart and gut clean with fear.
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Explicit sexual content