Alpha Male by William Brandt

Alpha Male

William Brandt

Five stories, some long, some short about the plight of the post feminist male, they are original, witty and interesting. Is post feminist man any better able to cope with life than previous generations? These stories leave this question - as well as most of the dilemmas faced by these men - unresolved.

By now, Lizzie was crying too, and Jamie. All three of them were howling. The kitchen floor was getting wet. Now what I should have done at this point was given them all a big hug. I know that. I should have gathered them all in my arms and held them in a great big arms-and-elbows, salt-and-softness family cuddle. Obvious, right? Right. What did I do? I went for a run. For Chrissake, it was my father. This was actually bugging me, I mean what was supposed to happen when her dad died? Same thing again? I went for a run. Running clears the mind. I'd been doing a lot of running.
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