Plain Bad Heroines by  Emily M. Danforth

Plain Bad Heroines

Emily M. Danforth

Almost every character is queer in this enormously brave multi-layered story inside a story inside a story. The lives of the girls and women, from a 19th century gothic horror setting to the present day cursed movie set, are gathered by an omniscient narrator who throws in their thoughts along the way. Don’t let the size put you off - remarkably, it only slows in a few places. But you may be wary of even the hint of a buzzing wasp for some time!


'It’s a pretty spot.'  Carl, Readers, was most adept at understatement.

Audrey rolled down her window. The wide view of the water was lovely, but she was a California girl and had seen similar a time or two. But the house, Spite Manor, was what Carl might call really something. Charming in a glimpse, perhaps, at least until you really looked at it and realized its various components added up to something slightly off: the wiggling worm in your farm stand tomato.

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