Bitten by Kelley Armstrong


Kelley Armstrong

What motivates a werewolf? Blood lust, sexual lust and hunger, that's what! Elena is no ordinary girl - well she wouldn't be. Having been bitten by her boyfriend she finds herself changing into a werewolf in uptown Toronto at most inconvenient moments! There are some very gory passages, but the plot zips along. It's racy, full of black humour and page-turningly readable!

My Change was rushed, making it awkward and torturous and afterward I had to rest, panting on the ground. As I got to my feet, I closed my eyes and inhaled .... A shiver of elation started in my paws, raced up my legs, and quivered through my entire body .... The forest was mine. It was Pack territory - mine to run in and hunt and play in ... five hundred acres of forest stocked with rabbits and deer, a smorgasbord supplied for my pleasure.
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Explicit sexual content