The Enterprise of Death by Jesse Bullington

The Enterprise of Death

Jesse Bullington

Just the book for a dark, scary night. Witches, necromancers, ghosts, skeletons, graveyards, a depraved Inquisitor, monsters and skeletons. What more could you ask? Oh yes, a sort of love story, and a tale of the astonishing commitment of friends. And did I mention the stark naked vampires?

Awa had not thought herself so powerful - she had always dug up the bodies herself before trying to raise them, even if she did employ their help in refilling their own graves. Now the militia of the undead that she had conjured all stared at her, some from oozing sockets and some from dry skulls, and Awa smiled weakly at them. She had vowed not to raise the mondless ones, not to use the undead without the permission of their spirits, but this seemed like a reasonable exception. She did not know how much time she had before the villagers found their courage and came with lanterns and cudgels, and so she bade her animate palanquin lower her onto a stone cross marker to supervise the reinterment.
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