Mrs Death Misses Death by  Salena Godden

Mrs Death Misses Death

Salena Godden

It took me a little while to get into this unusual and imaginative novel, but then I really loved it. It’s written in a beautiful combination of poetry and poetic prose. Be aware - the language is ripe and there is much sorrow but it’s also warm and witty. And it doesn’t shy away from big, topical issues – Me Too, Black Lives Matter, anti-patriarchy. Packs a real punch.


The Survival of the hero is up to you all now. It is important now more than ever, to fight for all of this, to fight for your rights, for your freedoms, for your art, poetry and music. Because you all need to be heroes, to step up, to speak up, to support each other. It is all about kindness, and you need the doers and the creators. You must pay attention to the ones who listen and hear and do and can and will and share. And to the people of science and art, books and music, otherwise what is the actual point of all this? What was the point? Why are you all here if not for that? You are here for love. To share the love.


When hate is rising, then love can only rise higher.


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