Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson

Autobiography of Red

Anne Carson

A gorgeously rich fantasy story which is also intellectually demanding, with unusual and extremely creative characters and perspectives. Is it a poetic novel or a novel-like poem? Doesn't matter really - it flows and challenges. Appealing characters, witty conversation. Some patience with (or love for) logical argument is helpful, especially in the beginning.


lungs don't explode they collapse without oxygen I have it from Virginia Woolf
who once spoke to me at a party of course
about drowning of which she had no idea yet - have I told you this story before?
I remember the sky behind her was purple she
came towards me saying Why are you alone in this huge blank garden
like a piece of electricity? Electricity
Maybe she said cakes and tea true we were drinking gin it was long past
teatime but she was a highly original woman


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  • Wings of Desire - a film by Wim Wenders
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