The Girl With the Green Eyes by  J M Briscoe

The Girl With the Green Eyes

J M Briscoe

What if the reason you felt you didn't fit in was because you were engineered that way? This novel follows Bella: the result of a eugenics program creating designer babies. Through twists and turns and flashbacks to her childhood, we learn about the sinister undertones of her early years, and why, as an adult, she is running. This is a fast paced thrill of a book, with some real ethical dilemmas at its heart.


Ralph's mum was a hugger. I'd had a plan of how to act. I'd woken up, in fact, in that deep, soft prairie of a bed with my plan fully formed in my head. I'd be polite. I'd be nice. I wouldn't baby myself, I wouldn't lisp and I wouldn't use my unnaturalness, as my mother had put it, to manipulate anyone into behaving how I wanted them to. If they didn't like me - and the strange notion made my insides twist, I have to admit - then I'd just have to get on with it the same way other people did. 

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