Heaven's Reach by David Brin

Heaven's Reach

David Brin

Concluding volume of the 'Uplift' double trilogy and can be read as a stand alone, but ideally you should consume this after the other five - if you've the stamina! If you can handle the mind blowing scope and awesome science, plus the deliberately unpronounceable alien names, this is space opera at it's finest. I loved it.

Harry hoped the warden would miss his sarcasm. In theory, all those who swore fealty to the Great Institutes were supposed to leave behind theor old loyalties and prejudices. But ever since the disaster at NuDawn, everyone knew how hoons felt towards the upstarts of Earthclan. As a neo-chimpanzee - from a barely fledged client race, indentured to humans - Harry expected only snobbery from Twaphu-anuph.
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