The Absolute Book by  Elizabeth Knox

The Absolute Book

Elizabeth Knox

Truth be told, I didn’t always know what was happening in this hefty book! But I found myself lured in with what feels like a typical mystery plot, that suddenly slips into fantasy, then swings wildly back and forth from faerie land to ‘real life’ thriller chases. No wonder then my head whirled, from moments of suspense to explanations of faerie lore and the fate of the Taken. I wasn’t sure about the ending, but it was a wild ride!


Berger stopped holding his breath and began to pant raggedly, as if he were wounded or caught in some unstoppable cascade of panic. Taryn thought she should say something to calm him. He was turning around and around again, his eyes seeking and seeking for something to attack, for some lever to move the world, the unyielding, impossible, absolute change in the world.

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