The New Life by  Tom Crewe

The New Life

Tom Crewe

From the opening erotic scene, this book is an amazing mix of physical details, intellectual analysis and moral dilemmas. Passion and courage blend with self-obsession and disregard for others, especially women. The evocation of a moment when things could have been different for gay people, 100 years before they were, is extraordinarily moving.


'Paris then. Or Italy somewhere.'

'Why not London?'

'We wouldn't be breaking the law in those other countries. I'd like to see what it's like.'

John reached over for Frank's cigarette case. 'As would I.'


'I would rather see what it was like in England.'

'John - '

He looked at Frank's pained expression. 'What is it?'

'This trial. You're risking it all. Everything.'

'I cannot help it.' 

'Yes you can,' Frank said. 'Just you won't.'

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