The Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa by  Stephen Buoro

The Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa

Stephen Buoro

Andy Africa, a 15 year old altar boy, is going through puberty and is obsessed with blonde hair and white skin. Added to this – his mother will not tell him who his father is. Then the blonde Eileen, the priest’s niece, walks into his life. With a background of corruption, intercommunal strife, bloody violence and the need to flee the country to safety in Europe, this is a smart, sometimes funny, often uncomfortable tale for our times


The policemen seize and cuff Okorie. They jeer at him, call him traitor and terrorist. Zahrah says please and please to them as though they were her gods. 'Please release him, sir. Please, sir. Please. He has done nothing wrong'. They don't listen to her. It is gruesome hearing Zahrah so helpless, she the boldest woman in the world, the same teacher who ordered Bro Magnus to lash me twelve strokes.

One of the policemen slaps Okorie in the face: Zahrah yelps as though she's the one who has been slapped.

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