Confessions of the Fox by  Jordy Rosenberg

Confessions of the Fox

Jordy Rosenberg

Sassy, cant, anti-establishment, anti-capitalist, and most definitely the TQ in LGB... Let the reader decide if the recreated period diction and grammar works alongside modern American action-style non-sentences, and if the borderline sex for shock’s sake sits with the sometimes torturous academic footnotes - that’s if Jack’s meteoric star allows you pause for thought.


Jack woke gasping in the night - his chest heaving and swelling. 'I'm a ghost,' he heard himself babbling into Aurie's filthy jerkin.

Aurie stirr'd, mumbled. 'What ghost?'

'Me.' He could not get a breath. 'I can't remember my name.'

His half-asleep brain was racing in circles, searching. All he could recall was P-: what Lady Kneebone call'd him, and his mother before that. What was the word for him? There was a blank, an Absence in space-time where he should be. Who was breathing. Who was crying. He touched his chest. Without Bess, nothing - not even his own body; especially not his own body-signify'd.

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