Twelve Twenty Three by Eoin McNamee

Twelve Twenty Three

Eoin McNamee

A great book for conspiracy theory lovers. How Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed were assassinated by a collaboration of government secret services and an unnamed spiritualist cult. The plot moves along at a cracking staccato pace and the main characters are stereotyped spooks with basic tradecraft. Good, slightly seedy atmosphere and feel of Paris


'I'm glad you rang me, James. I thought we might go for a drink. Somewhere fashionable.'

'Nowhere is fashionable in Paris at the end of August. You should know that, Max.'

'I don't know. Does a royal visit make a place fashionable? All those nice spa towns and casinos.'

'Spencer isn't royal any more. Anyway, nobody is sure she is going to come to Paris or not, if it matters.'

'My information is that she will come.'

'Where'd you get it? The Breton?'

'What Breton?'

'Don't act it, Max. The Breton that works for the Ritz, for Al Fayed ....'.

  • The Ultras by Eoin McNamee
  • The Assassination of Robert Maxwell by Gordon Thomas & Martin Dillon

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