The Bleeding by  Johana Gustawsson

The Bleeding

Johana Gustawsson

Atmospheric from the outset, this mystery will grip you immediately. What begins in the tone of a police procedural becomes more gothic at the turn of every page. Tangled stories of three women living and suffering in eras spanning over a century gradually weave together and something much darker and supernatural in nature is revealed. Prepare for a tense and shocking read.


It happened at choir practice. Every time the teacher Mrs Morin made us take a break, Tamara would make fun of me under her breath. She would say these horrible things and Julie would laugh into her elbow. It’s always like that with those two witches. They hate me. And the last time, when we were practising for the Christmas parade, I … I lowered my candle a bit too close to Tamara’s long hair … and it caught fire.’

’A terrible accident,’ the old lady says.

I look up and catch the reflection of her smile in the window.

’Yes, it was a terrible accident,’ I reply.

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