Drivetime by James Meek


James Meek

Alan Allen realises that you can’t drive away from your problems in this surreal journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh. When he accepts a job to collect an antique egg for elusive antique dealer, Alan's route takes him and his passengers on an international road trip scattered with strange characters and fantastic events. Not for people who prefer a traditional structure to their stories but enjoyable if you can let go and go with the flow.

Sim’s father appeared at the door of the kitchen, wide-eyed, lipless, holding a stainless steel Sabatier meat cleaver. He watched but came no closer. Sim pushed gently past him and opened the front door. The cruelty woman stood there holding a dead boa constrictor in her arms.
Sim closed the door in her face. He led the way back through another door to the garage and out towards Alan’s car. The four of them got in. The cruelty woman put the snake down and tottered towards them.
It starved to death! she shrieked.
Alan drove off.
Did you have a snake? said Sim.
I gave them a false address, said Alan.
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