Follow Me to Ground by Sue Rainsford

Follow Me to Ground

Sue Rainsford

Ada and her father are not human although they operate in a human setting medically curing humans. A strange and at times scary novel in a country setting where the sun always shines. A multitude of characters which are at times a little difficult to separate as they progressively age. Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed the ingenuity of the story. A debut novel and a love story with a difference.


We tried not to get too personal with the Cures or let them see too many of our ways. They scared easy, and while they knew that we didn’t eat and that we aged slow, they didn’t know I stole the song out of baby birds or that father ran through the woods like a bear. No. Most Cures frightened easy. That was part of the magic about Samson.

  • Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson
  • The Forest of Hours by Keratin Ekman

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