The Extremes by Christopher Priest

The Extremes

Christopher Priest

Recently widowed, Theresa turns to the world of virtual reality to help her understand and come to terms with her grief. The mixture of real and simulated violence, pornography and emotions make for a thrilling but rather frightening read.


The first extreme experience lasted exactly seven seconds, and for all that short time Teresa was overwhelmed and disoriented by a flood of sensations. Some were physical, some mental. She shifted abruptly from the cool, underlit EXEX laboratory in the training facility in Quantico to brilliant sunshine in a city street at noon. She staggered as she entered the unaccustomed weight of another woman's body. The noise of traffic burst against her like an explosion. Heat stifled her. The tall buildings of the downtown area of a city crowded around and above. The sidewalks were full of people. There was a siren wailing somewhere, construction workers clattering at something metal, car horns blowing. She stared around in amazement, astounded by the shock of this first reality.

  • To Hold Infinity by John Meaney
  • Time on my Hands by Peter Delacorte
  • Queen of Jazz City by Kathleen Ann Goonan

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