Kamchatka by Marcelo Figueras


Marcelo Figueras

Experience, through the eyes of a child, going into hiding from the authorities in 1970s' Argentina. Hide with Harry and discover how an interest in Houdini, superheroes and the game of Risk help him in dark times. Enjoy a clever mix of seriousness and humour in the observations of how adults behave.

I thought Mama was beautiful. All boys think that their mothers are beautiful, but in my defence I have to say that mine had the Searing Smile, a superpower Stan Lee would have paid good money for. Whenever she knew she was in the wrong - like the time I asked her to give me back the birthday money she'd asked me to lend her - she would use the Searing Smile and something inside me would melt and I would suddenly feel too weak to resist. (Actually she never did give me that money back.) Papa said we were the lucky ones; he said that in the bedroom she used the Searing Smile for sinister purposes but refused to say anything more, leaving the details to our feverish imaginations.
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