Passion Play by Conal Creedon

Passion Play

Conal Creedon

Very Irish humour and poignancy, with believable characters. If possible, sad and happy in almost equal proportions.


- Jeezus Christ! What de ...

More noise in the hall, I sit up in bed. The Monk! He's probably locked out of his skull again and fallen over some of his shite in the hallway.

He usually gets after-hours in his local down the Lower Road towards the end of the week. I went there with him once, but it wasn't really my scene. A load of fellas, ex-labourers, road diggers, contract workers just flooring the pints and talking about old times.

Jimmy de Monk lives up in No 5. He spent half his life on the roads and building sites of England and spends the other half talking about it. He had seen such exotic places as Scunthorpe, Northampton and Birmingham.

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